About CPRO

150622_Background_CPRO_Door 1024x768The Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization (CPRO) is a coalition of businesses, civic associations, property owners, and the Arlington County Government.

Our Vision: Columbia Pike—Arlington’s oldest and newest main street, where authentic diverse neighborhoods connect to the world.

Our Mission: To champion and connect business and community along Columbia Pike.

  1. CPRO inspires, supports and provides direction for a wide variety of initiatives that aim to improve and revitalize Columbia Pike and its adjacent neighborhoods.
  2. CPRO strives to keep area residents and businesses informed and engaged by hosting a variety of community events and Farmers Market; promoting Columbia Pike as a great place to live, operate a business, or develop properties; and encouraging planning that will lead to smart growth.
  3. CPRO works to achieve the vision of a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly urban corridor.

CPRO was established as a public/private partnership on May 14, 1986 and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code as a non-profit charitable organization. Donations and contributions to CPRO are tax deductible.

Revitalization Background

In the 1980s, the Arlington County Board initiated the Columbia Pike 2000 plan, to guide revitalization efforts between S. Courthouse Road and S. Oakland Street. In 1996, CPRO began discussions which led to the adoption of the Columbia Pike Initiative, which expanded the revitalization focus to the entire Pike corridor within Arlington County.

CPRO facilitated design charettes and sessions with the community to define a vision and goals for the area. This led to the creation of the Columbia Pike Form Based Code (FBC), which was adopted by the County Board in 2003. The FBC serves as a prescriptive zoning tool designed to encourage appropriate types and levels of redevelopment at four revitalization nodes along the Pike.

CPRO also worked closely with the Columbia Pike Streetscape Task Force, whose recommendations for  improvements to the Pike roadway and its sidewalks and environs, were adopted in 2004. Today, this work is starting to pay off, as the first of the Pike’s new mixed-use developments have been completed, new residents and businesses are moving in, utilities are moved underground, and new and wider sidewalks are built.

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