CPRO Membership

CPRO Membership

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The Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization invites our members to join us for an evening of mixing and mingling at Atilla’s Restaurant. Meet our staff and Board of Directors for a chance to discuss upcoming Pike projects.

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blue-festThe Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public/private partnership. CPRO is a coalition of residents and civic associations, businesses and property owners, and the Arlington County Government.

Our Mission: To champion and connect business and community along Columbia Pike.

Our Vision: Columbia Pike – Arlington’s oldest and newest main street, where authentic diverse neighborhoods connect to the world.

CPRO’s programs include the Annual Blues Fest, Summer Movie Nights, the Farmers Market, the Annual Wine & Craft Beer Festival, and advocacy for the continued development of the Columbia Pike corridor. Your membership helps CPRO continue these efforts and create new programs in our vibrant community.

Purchasing or renewing your annual membership for CPRO each year supports our programs. Click the appropriate button below to purchase your membership online via PayPal. (A PayPal account is not required for this transaction.)

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Joining is Tax Deductible!

CPRO was established as a public/private partnership on May 14, 1986 and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code as a non-profit charitable organization. Donations and contributions to CPRO are tax-deductible.


Many thanks to these Pike businesses and residents who support Columbia Pike through their membership in CPRO. The following companies and individuals hold current annual memberships (January 2019 to present).

If you have recently paid membership dues, please allow up to two weeks for this list to be updated.


Ernesto Acosta
Lauren Adkins
The Allin-Carter Family
Andrea Anderson

Shannon Bailey
Diana Baron
Rebecca Krafft and Jamie Bartalon
Geeti Bawa
Mark Bayer
Michelle Bernier-Toth
Clancy Bertane
Bodie-Vergamini Family
Kia Booker
Tania Bougebrayel & Jordan Cohn
Mairin Brennan
Jonathan Bridges
Gerald Brill
The Bruno Family
Bee Buergler
John and Ellie Burke
Carol Bursik

Cecilia Cassidy
Chanda Choun
Jessica Cogen
Ann Connell
Joan Coyle
Kathryn Rzasa and Debra Crerie

Karen Darner
Maureen O’Keefe and Kevin Donnelly
The Dumont Family
Deborah Hill and Henry Dunbar
Maria Pete Durgan
Diane Duston
Linda Dye

Doris Eichorn
April Ege
The Essig Family

Cameron Fletcher
Jose Flores
Sherry Frear

Suzanne Gartner
Eric Goldstein
Carol Freysinger and Reid Goldstein
Stephen Goldstein
Laurar Gouge
Sam Gousen

Hollis Haje
James P. Harold
Brian Harrington
Heather Havens
Bryna Helfer
Ed and Adrian Hilz
Jeff Hoffman
Pamela Holcomb
Stephen Hughes
Mary Hynes

Justin Isbell

Qiana Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Richard Johnson

Barbara Kanninen
Larry Kaufman
Kevin Kelly
Eileen Kenna
David Kinney
Jon Kinney
Charles Head and Detta Kissel
Laura Klein
Kimberley Klingler

Eric and Santya Lanman
Linda LeDuc
Carole Lieber
Susi Lill
Nancy Limprecht
Bernadette Lozano

RESIDENTS (Continued)

Glenn MacCullough
The Maguires
Adam Henderson and Bruce Marshall
Dan Matthews
John Snyder and Heather McPhail
Cory Medina
Ellen Meredith
John C. Merica
Darlene Mickey
Robert Kline and Elaine Mills
David & Conchita Mitchell
Hale Montgomery
The Moore Family
Joan Morgan
John Morrill
Judy Morse
Vanessa Moulin
Gay Mount

Amy Tenhouse and Marc Nguyen
Brian Nilsson
Elizabeth Nohra

Monique O’Grady
Janet O’Neil
Mitchell Opalski

Gary Palmatier
Katharine Panfil
Scott Pedowitz
Charles Kipp II and Sarah Pitkin
Justin Porter
Maurisa Potts
Stefanie Pryor

Jennifer Rahm
Elizabeth Rapp
Mariam Razeghi
Richard Reinsch
Alexander Ries
Megan Roessing
Cindy Romanyk
Colleen Rooney
Elizabeth Rosenblatt Rosso
Patricia Rosensteel
Kitty Russell
Rita Rutsohn

Tia Scales
Tom Schelstrate
Claudia Scott
Marsha Semmel
Stephanie Shea
Christine Sheehy
Sherry and Richard Skinner
Chris Slatt
Nicole Smith
Douglas Stadler
Randy and Barbara Swart

Tom and Raina Rose Tagle
Sharmon Thornton
Donald Tighe, Jr.

Marie Van Ness
Kenneth Lee Vickers
John Vihstadt
Sherry Vukasin

Claire Walters
Milada Weaver
James David Whitten
Tina and Chris Worden