Pike Park Farmers Market Vendors

The freshest produce,
meats, goods and treats!

Sundays, 9 am to 1 pm

Acme Pie Co. – Arlington, VA

Acme Pie Co. is a wholesale bakery in Arlington, Virginia.  Our goal is to produce the best pies using the finest local ingredients. The reason we chose to make pies exclusively is the feelings and memories that they evoke:  home, love, comfort, and Americana. We only make five or six types at a time so we can focus on what is seasonal and fresh.  We use local ingredients, when available.  Our crusts are an old southern type made in a similar style to puff dough, (meaning they are flaky and crispy). We use a 10″ pie pan instead of a 9″ so they produce 8 restaurant-size slices.  All of our pies are delivered within a day of when they were baked.

Bonaparte Breads – Savage, MD

Bonaparte Breads specializes in traditional 17th Century French breads, desserts and pastries. Owner Pierre Lefilliatre has established a reputation for turning out high-quality baked goods at his two locations, one in the Historic Savage Mill Center, and a second cafe in Fells Point, MD. Lefilliatre’s baguettes are based on a old-style recipe that produces a thinner, crustier baguette and requires the use of Poolish, which doesn’t ferment as long as most starters. This means the acids found in most sourdough starters are nonexistent in his. All of Bonaparte Breads products sold at market are produced the night before.

Bread & Water Company – Alexandria, VA

Bread & Water Company is all about the basics whether it comes to baking breads, pastries & pies, smoking meats, fish & vegetables for sandwiches, soups and their sinful spreads or just making a superfine cup of coffee or tea. Bread & Water is committed to local farmers and choose to utilize seasonal produce as much as possible by preparing foods based on local availability. Their items change frequently to account for specials and seasonal offerings. www.breadandwatercompany.com

Creekside Farms- Berkley Springs, WV

Creekside Farms was founded in 1992 by brothers Adam and Eli Cook. The farm operation is now run by Eli and his father, Bryan Cook on over 100 acres in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, where they produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables year round. Bryan has also served as the on-site market manager for the Columbia Pike market for the last several years.

Gina’s Pacific Jams & Jellies – Woodbridge, VA

Coming from a family of persons with culinary ability; (her grandfather was a cook in the U.S. Army), a talent inherited by all family members including one chef and one restaurant owner, and affectionately known as The Kitchen Goddess, Gina is a natural at preparing exceptional jams and jellies.  She perfected the art  while a young girl in the Philippines where she  applied the techniques she learned in her Home Economics courses to making jam from the bounty of tomatoes gathered on the family farm. She has enjoyed making preserves and other culinary delights for over 30 years.  Her motto is, “Let the fruit speak for itself.”  She selects only the finest ingredients using organic fruits gathered from local farms whenever possible.  She produces a variety of flavors: Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, Plum, Peach, Apple, Watermelon, Apricot, and a Hot Pepper Jelly second to none.  She is happy to custom make her jams to meet the specifications and the palate of her public.  All of her jams are prepared according to USDA and Virginia Department of Agriculture guidelines.  So come have a taste and experience the bliss of Gina’s Pacific Jams and Jellies.  www.ginaspacificjamandjellies.us

Grace’s Pastries – Herndon, VA

Grace Kumah Banahene started Grace’s Pastries of Herndon, Virginia in 1987. Her cozy shop offers delicious bakery items, as well as gourmet foods. Grace also sells her featured breads, cookies and other fine baked goods at farmers markets and festivals throughout the northern Virginia and D.C. area.  www.graces-pastries.com

Morningside Farm & Nursery – Boston, VA

We are located in a stunning corner of Culpeper County, Virginia within sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our gardens and greenhouses are packed with beautiful annuals, herbs, and perennials that do especially well in our zone 6 area. We grow only our hand-selected favorites.

Oak Lanes Soapworks – McLean, VA  NEW!!

Oak Lane Soapworks continues the tradition of a satisfyingly sudsy shower started by  Union Street Soapworks.  The soap is created from six vegetable-based oils with the addition of essential and fragrance oils that stimulate the senses.   Please visit me at CPFM and find a soap that will brighten your day.

Penn Farm – Colonial Beach, VA

Penn Farm is a family-owned and run farm located in Colonial Beach, Virginia. Dora Beltran, the manager of Penn Farm, and her children, ranging from 5- to 18-years-old, all work on the farm and attend multiple farmers’ markets to sell their produce.  “Our produce comes in two weeks earlier than other vendors because we are farther south.” This is what benefits and differentiates Penn Farm from other vendors in the area. She is thankful for all the opportunities that each market offers and how so many residents support buying local.

Salsa las Glorias – The Plains, VA  

Lilia “Lilly” Castano and her family are very busy providing six different kinds of salsa, all made with fresh, local ingredients. “Everything that I bring to the market is fresh. I always make my salsa the day before each market, and all of my ingredients are locally grown. Not only do my customers support me, but they support local farms as well,” said Lilly Castano.

Senzu Juicery – Alexandria, VA

Senzu Juicery offers a variety of juices and cleanses made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. All of their products are raw and cold pressed as well as gluten free. With no added sugars, no preservatives, and no hidden ingredients, you’re getting 100% juice made with 100% real ingredients. Senzu offers a unique subscription plan to have their products shipped directly to you on a regular basis. www.senzujuicery.com

Smith Meadows All Natural Meats & Eggs – Berryville, VA

Smith Meadows, an eighth generation family farm, has been home to farm animals of all types. In 1989, the family realized that raising grain-finished animals (raised in confinement feed lots and given antibiotics and growth hormones) was not a healthy product. Smith Meadows Meats takes great pride in its mission to create a healthy farm environment, thereby producing healthy and contented animals. Their cattle, pigs, lamb and chickens are regularly rotated to a fresh paddock of grass, and all of their animals are handled humanely from the day they are born (they are never fed animal by-products or given growth hormones, antibiotics or commercial dewormers and their pastures are not chemically fertilized or treated with pesticides and herbicides). The result is a beautiful, healthy farm with animals in their natural environment. The Smithfield Farm Bed and Breakfast, near Berryville, VA, welcomes guests to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley. Nancy Pritchard makes fresh pasta each week for local farmers’ markets. The fresh egg dough is made from organic oat, semolina and unbleached white flour and Smith Meadows free range eggs. Most of the produce and cheeses used to make Smith Meadows’ flat noodles and ravioli are from local farmers’ markets.  www.smithmeadows.com

Spartan Olive Oil – Vienna, VA

Spartan Oil draws rave reviews from customers for its flavorful, yet balanced, taste profile. Their versatile oil performs beautifully for finishing (dressings, dipping, drizzling), but also works wonders in other culinary applications like baking. Spartan Olive Oil harvests only the finest olives from Lakonia, one of 5 regional units in the state of Peloponnese, Greece. Spartan Oil is not filtered at the production facility, nor is it filtered during the bottling process, keeping intact the full flavor and nutritional benefits of the olives. www.spartan-oil.com

Sweets & Spice – Arlington, VA

Sweets and Spice is a women owned small business located in Arlington, VA with a purpose is to bring freshly made, all natural and affordable treats “from our family to yours.” Sweets & Spice’s products feature a variety of Central Asian and Eurasian foods, cakes, cookies, chocolate candies, and spice blends. Sweets & Spice only uses the freshest ingredients and do not add any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils to our products. sweetsandspice.com

Toigo Orchards – Shippensburg, PA

The Toigo’s 450-acre farm in Shippensburg, PA, has been farmed since 1790. When the Toigo family acquired the farm in 1972, they converted the existing grain fields to orchards and vegetable production. The long process of conversion is finally complete, and the land now supports a spectacular array of fruits and vegetables, as well as hydroponic production of tomatoes. ‘Customers enjoy the intimate relationship they are able to have with the actual grower, through which they gain a better understanding of the connection between themselves and the surrounding farmland,’ says Mark Toigo. The farm products, which are picked within 24 hours before they reach market, are as fresh as is possible. The farmers’ markets are enjoyable for Mark, who has developed many longtime friendships during his years of participating in them. ‘It’s a great thing,’ he says. ‘There really is no other way to purchase your farm products nor sell them.’  www.toigoorchards.com

Twin Springs Fruit Farm – Orrtana, PA

Twin Springs Fruit Farm is set on the south western edge of Adams County, Pennsylvania where we own some of the best fruit ground in the world. The farm is located on beautiful rolling hills, which are essential to prime fruit ground, as the air and water drainage are needed to assure a good crop and to help prevent spring frost damage. The soil, Highfield silt loam, is the product of glaciers grinding down the mountains thousands of years ago, releasing trace minerals which are then available to all of our crops. Trace minerals are what give our fruits and vegetables the extraordinarily high quality and flavor our long term customers have come to appreciate.

The original 22 acres were purchased in 1979, and an additional 50 acres were bought from the Adams County Winery a couple of years later. Around this time we started attending our first farmers’ markets in the D.C. area. It was a matter of survival, having lots of costs and debts; we couldn’t afford to do the same old business model of growing apples for factory use.

We took note of the appreciation of our customers and the returns which we received from retail rather than wholesale marketing; and the rest is history. Twin Springs now attends 15 markets a week. We learned early on to listen to the customer and to grow what they wanted. www.twinspringsfruitfarm.com

Westmoreland Produce – Montross, VA

Westmoreland Produce was established in 1988 in Leedstown, VA by Arnulfo Medina and his wife, Rosalinda. They started out farming on 4 acres of leased land using only hand tools, growing small amounts of vegetables. 23 years later, Westmoreland Produce has a 38 acre farm located at 1545 Ebenezer Church Rd. in Hague, VA, with all types of machinery and an irrigation system for the entire farm. In addition to raising produce, the Medinas have had 4 children – Cristina, Arnulfo, Jr., Ester and Anjelica – all of whom were raised in the fields. To this day, Westmoreland Produce is managed only by family members. They grow and harvest all kinds of produce which include all types of tomatoes, Heirlooms and cherry tomatoes, strawberries, sweet corn , cantaloupes, watermelons, as well as beautiful healthy bedding plants,  potted herbs, and cut flowers. www.westmorelandproduce.com